Breast Cancer Awareness Means Real Men (& Women) Wear Pink!

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness month, and Catuogno & StenTel employees showed their support in a number of ways throughout the month.  On Tuesday October 26th, many of the staff and managers sported pink in all its glorious hues and variations – on ribbons, ties, shirts, sweaters, scarves, even a couple of Hawaiian leis!  This show of color and group mindfulness clearly made an impact on all who participated, and also those who did not (some of us forgot)!

Throughout the day we were subtly reminded of the message of the campaign: awareness, prevention, better outcomes and ultimately, a cure for breast cancer.  As usual, our thanks to Sandy Knowlton for organizing this activity.

We’d like to note that Ray Catuogno and Dean Whalen also wore pink, but missed the taking of the picture – too bad! – Dean was dazzling in his pink-0n-pink shirt and tie combo!

Pink for a cure!