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What our customers really think…

Catuogno Reporting has established a new customer-focused program that regularly measures satisfaction over time.  We are surveying all of our recent customers with the help of AskNicely, a neutral 3rd party.  LogoNow if you’re like me, you’re probably not crazy about responding to surveys because they usually take twice as long as you’re told at the beginning.  Not so with AskNicely surveys!  We only ask one question.  The only thing our customers have to do is press one button and submit their response.  If they choose, they can also add a brief comment, but only if they want to.


We also limit the number of survey requests to 1 every 6 months, so our super frequent customers don’t get bombarded with survey requests all the time!

Check out our Customer Comments page to see the latest reviews from actual customers!

The Polar Vortex is Real – and it can Lead to Tasty Things…

Live Street View

The Eastern U.S. has been in the deep freeze for the last several days.  Temperatures have been well below freezing and wind chill temps of -20 to -30 or more (Fahrenheit) have been reported in the region.

On Monday, Feb. 15th, employees working at Catuogno Court Reporting showed their mettle.  Following the communication to tenants in the 25-story building that lunch would be free to anyone willing to order from the eatery and to sit outside, 8 intrepid employees joined together to brave the extraordinary chill – knowing that the food was worth it.

The free food was provided by a local restaurant chain known as “The Hot Table” which has been garnering fans throughout the  region for their excellent panini style breakfast and lunch sandwiches.  The outside seating provided snowflakes and more during the lunch hour, but there were no reports of unhappy customers from Catuogno’s diners.

While most of the employees in their office tower were enjoying a day off, comfortably celebrating the President’s Day holiday in their heated homes, the 6 ladies and two men enjoyed a few testing minutes of bitter cold that reflects the 50 year tradition of the company’s founder, Ray Catuogno, a U.S. Navy Veteran.  “Even if it’s a tough job, this is the road we’re on.  Just get’er done.”

The local news media (22 News, covered the event on video.  The staff at CCRST salutes the stalwarts (including the news crew and a few others from the office tower) who participated!

Did you hear that cheer all around you?

That “Hooray!” you may have heard recently – echoing through  the legal community – was the response from thousands of attorneys upon hearing the news that Catuogno Court Reporting & StenTel has delivered a new product for anyone who dictates letters, memos, notices, reports and just about anything else your practice needs in print.

Mobile UI

While we still offer the ease of dictating over any telephone (cell phone or hard-line), we’ve now cut out the process of having to transfer files from digital recorders to a PC in order to upload them for transcription.  If you use an iPhone, the product is free to download from iTunes.  If you have an existing account with Catuogno/StenTel, you can start using it with your current ID immediately.

Simply record your statements, and send them to us directly with the press of a button on your phone.  You can also customize turnaround time for every dictation.  Totally secure and with virtually no training required to use it, it’s as easy as 1-2-3!

For more information, please see our specifications sheet:  Small GO! arrow

Breast Cancer Awareness Means Real Men (& Women) Wear Pink!

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness month, and Catuogno & StenTel employees showed their support in a number of ways throughout the month.  On Tuesday October 26th, many of the staff and managers sported pink in all its glorious hues and variations – on ribbons, ties, shirts, sweaters, scarves, even a couple of Hawaiian leis!  This show of color and group mindfulness clearly made an impact on all who participated, and also those who did not (some of us forgot)!

Throughout the day we were subtly reminded of the message of the campaign: awareness, prevention, better outcomes and ultimately, a cure for breast cancer.  As usual, our thanks to Sandy Knowlton for organizing this activity.

We’d like to note that Ray Catuogno and Dean Whalen also wore pink, but missed the taking of the picture – too bad! – Dean was dazzling in his pink-0n-pink shirt and tie combo!

Pink for a cure!

All in a day’s work. Check that, all in a month’s work!


Catuogno Court Reporting recently completed one of the largest transcription projects of recent years.  The monster case lasted over 4 years and created 46 volumes of testimony totaling nearly 3,500 pages (plus copies).  The transcript was prepared for the Massachusetts agency CPCS.

Volumes photo

This is what 46 volumes look like side-by-side.

Our Senior Court Transcription team of Paula Proulx and Donna Crawley worked tirelessly to complete the project on time and both expressed satisfaction when the job was done.

Paula and Donno

The proud producers!

This is a great example of Catuogno Court Reporting delivering on its promises, no matter how big the challenge.

All that paper

3 cases of paper were used for this transcription job!



Catuogno & StenTel rallies to provide socks for the homeless

Catuogno Reporting & StenTel held their monthly fundraiser in July to support Mercy Medical System’s drive to provide new socks for the homeless population in Western Massachusetts. The result was a large pile of comfortable new socks delivered to Mercy Medical Center in early August. It was a great showing of support by the employees and management of the company.  The monthly fundraiser was organized by Catuogno & StenTel’s Human Resources Manager, Sandy Knowlton.

Peter Newland (center) of StenTel’s Medical Division delivered the socks to the happy recipients at Mercy.  They are Sean Fallon, Community Benefit Manager and Doreen Fadus, Executive Director of Community Benefit and Health, both of Mercy Medical Center.

Socks photo

Socks, socks and more socks!

37 Years Later, still supporting our friends at MATA’s Annual Meeting

Dean at MATA 2015

Dean at MATA 2015


CEO of Catuogno Court Reporting, Ray Catuogno Sr. attended his 37th consecutive annual meeting of the Mass Academy of Trial Attorneys at the Sheraton Framingham Hotel on May 12th. Ray first attended this event in 1978. As a “Keepers of Justice” Silver level sponsor for 2015, the company once again supported the event and provided a vendor presence for attorneys during breaks from the annual educational presentations. Ray was pleased to contribute four Boston Red Sox tickets and a large bottle of red wine to the annual raffle – items that have become a regular feature of this event over the years.

Also attending the event was Dean M. Whalen, Esq., in-house counsel for Catuogno & its sister company StenTel Transcription. Congratulations to the organizers at MATA for conducting another fine event for its members and for allowing vendors to interact during the educational event.

How the heck do you pronounce “Catuogno”?

This is a question that is asked frequently by people who don’t know us very well.  It is expressed similarly by the question “how do you spell what you just said?”

Just to lay these questions to rest for all of our followers and those who may check out the blog while scheduling a deposition online with us, we’ll give you the scoop.

  • Catuogno is an Italian name, and in Italy, it would be pronounced something like “Katwonyo”.
  • But in America, Ray’s family decided they liked the name pronounced more like “Katoono”.
  • His good friends sometimes call him “Cat” and we all know he’s number one around here. I think of him fondly as Mr. “Cat-Uno” (No. 1 Cat).
  • Company Trivia: We once used a black cat graphic as part of the company logo!

That’s the scoop!


Now that’s a Holiday Tree!

Catuogno Court Reporting employees and owner Ray Catuogno, Sr. were pleased to donate their time and artistic effort to the Melha Shriners “Fez’tival of Trees” once again this year, the fourth year this event has been held.  Catuogno has been represented every year since the inception of the event.

Invitation & Notice

56 trees were prepared and donated to the event in support of the Shriners’ fraternal organization, which provides free medical care for children in communities across the United States.  The “Fez’tival” runs between November 28th and December 7th.  Local television crews from ABC 40 covered the event, featuring a photo of the Catuogno tree!  You can catch the news clip by visiting the ABC 40 web site here.

The Catuogno Tree!

The Catuogno Tree! A Frosty inspiration, no doubt! (Click to enlarge)

150 Years Celebrated by Hampden County Bar Association!

Hampden Bar Badge

Hampden County Bar Association’s

150th Anniversary Gala Celebration

On the occasion of the Bar’s 150th anniversary, Catuogno Court Reporting is exceptionally pleased to be a sponsor of the event. The Hampden County Bar has been a long standing Bar known for its richness in both professionalism and friendships. It has been an honor to have served your Bar Association for almost 50 years. I personally would like to congratulate you all on your 150th anniversary celebration.

Please join your Bar Association on this truly memorable evening at the Log Cabin on November 7th, 2014. Your presence is important to the success of this celebration.

Ray's sig




Raymond F. Catuogno, Sr., CEO

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