Did you hear that cheer all around you?

That “Hooray!” you may have heard recently – echoing through  the legal community – was the response from thousands of attorneys upon hearing the news that Catuogno Court Reporting & StenTel has delivered a new product for anyone who dictates letters, memos, notices, reports and just about anything else your practice needs in print.

Mobile UI

While we still offer the ease of dictating over any telephone (cell phone or hard-line), we’ve now cut out the process of having to transfer files from digital recorders to a PC in order to upload them for transcription.  If you use an iPhone, the product is free to download from iTunes.  If you have an existing account with Catuogno/StenTel, you can start using it with your current ID immediately.

Simply record your statements, and send them to us directly with the press of a button on your phone.  You can also customize turnaround time for every dictation.  Totally secure and with virtually no training required to use it, it’s as easy as 1-2-3!

For more information, please see our specifications sheet:  Small GO! arrow