Court Transcription

Bound Transcript

Catuogno Reporting is proud of its long history transcribing legal proceedings, whether done by one of our experienced court reporters or by our knowledgeable legal transcriptionists.  Our highly experienced court transcriptionists have the ability to transcribe audio of any length and from virtually any type of media.  We are proud to provide expert transcription services for courts in several states, including Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Ohio and Colorado.

  • Court Proceedings
  • Legal Hearings
  • Public Hearings
  • Small Claims Proceedings
  • Law Enforcement Interviews/Interrogations

Produced in the USA

Our certified transcriptions will bring the audio record to life in a true (verbatim) rendering of the events recorded, allowing attorneys, the courts and pro-se clients alike to better understand the record in question.  Certified transcripts are admissible as evidence in legal actions.

  • All transcripts are bound
  • All transcripts are certified
  • Electronic version of the transcript (fully searchable) is provided at no additional cost, including word index
  • Attorneys will be invoiced, net 30 terms
  • Pro Se clients must provide a deposit of 50% of estimated cost, balance due on delivery

Estimates for most transcription jobs can be provided based on the length of the audio.  Our experience shows that an hour of audio will generate roughly 50 standard pages of transcription.  Please call for a free estimate: (888)228-8646 or (413) 746-8100.

An AAERT Member Organization

An AAERT Member Organization