Now that’s a Holiday Tree!

Catuogno Court Reporting employees and owner Ray Catuogno, Sr. were pleased to donate their time and artistic effort to the Melha Shriners “Fez’tival of Trees” once again this year, the fourth year this event has been held.  Catuogno has been represented every year since the inception of the event.

Invitation & Notice

56 trees were prepared and donated to the event in support of the Shriners’ fraternal organization, which provides free medical care for children in communities across the United States.  The “Fez’tival” runs between November 28th and December 7th.  Local television crews from ABC 40 covered the event, featuring a photo of the Catuogno tree!  You can catch the news clip by visiting the ABC 40 web site here.

The Catuogno Tree!

The Catuogno Tree! A Frosty inspiration, no doubt! (Click to enlarge)