The Polar Vortex is Real – and it can Lead to Tasty Things…

Live Street View

The Eastern U.S. has been in the deep freeze for the last several days.  Temperatures have been well below freezing and wind chill temps of -20 to -30 or more (Fahrenheit) have been reported in the region.

On Monday, Feb. 15th, employees working at Catuogno Court Reporting showed their mettle.  Following the communication to tenants in the 25-story building that lunch would be free to anyone willing to order from the eatery and to sit outside, 8 intrepid employees joined together to brave the extraordinary chill – knowing that the food was worth it.

The free food was provided by a local restaurant chain known as “The Hot Table” which has been garnering fans throughout the  region for their excellent panini style breakfast and lunch sandwiches.  The outside seating provided snowflakes and more during the lunch hour, but there were no reports of unhappy customers from Catuogno’s diners.

While most of the employees in their office tower were enjoying a day off, comfortably celebrating the President’s Day holiday in their heated homes, the 6 ladies and two men enjoyed a few testing minutes of bitter cold that reflects the 50 year tradition of the company’s founder, Ray Catuogno, a U.S. Navy Veteran.  “Even if it’s a tough job, this is the road we’re on.  Just get’er done.”

The local news media (22 News, covered the event on video.  The staff at CCRST salutes the stalwarts (including the news crew and a few others from the office tower) who participated!