Videoconferencing Suites

Videoconferencing featuring Polycom™ HD Conferencing equipment is the new standard for long-distance meetings and recorded depositions. Catuogno Court Reporting is on the cutting edge with this technology and ready to share our expertise with you. Our professional staff and worldwide network of conferencing suites make it easy, efficient, and cost effective for you to attend and record all of your meetings and interviews.

A videoconference with Catuogno provides you with a way to conduct meetings face-to-face without the high costs or downtime associated with traveling. Not only is it convenient and money-saving, but you also receive a permanent record of your meeting on DVD for your personal work product.

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Our videoconferencing suites are ideal for:

  • Long-distance meetings
  • Recruitment and job interviews
  • Witness interviews
  • Depositions
  • Expert consultations
  • Mediations/arbitrations
  • Strategy sessions

We offer the latest technology along with:

  • ISDN and IP connections
  • 10,000+ partner connection sites
  • Printed transcripts
  • DVD and CD recording
  • Broadcast quality video

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